We create pressed flower artworks using left over flowers from our weddings and events. Everything is either repurposed or mindfully sourced and foraged from our garden or the local hedgerows nearby. We create commissions, sell artworks on our web shop press bridal bouquets and make stationery and large scale pressed flower installations. 


We have a range of pieces that are available to buy on our shop. These include A4, A3 pressed flower pieces. We can offer these framed and mounted or unframed. All our our framed pieces are made using FSC approved woods. We also sell A6 and A7 cards sold individually and in packs of five and ten. We advertise updates on Instagram. New range of stationery coming soon


We press bridal bouquets or memorable flowers from your event and turn them into artworks. 


How it works: 

Step one: We send you a pre paid postage flower box and ecofresh wrap (A 100% biodegradable and compostable Floral Hydration Stem Sponge-Wrap) to send your bouquet back to us in. The postal box comes with instructions of the best way to keep your flowers fresh until they reach us.

Step two: We press your blooms. This process usually takes 3 -4 weeks from receipt of blooms. 

Step three: We create you artworks

Step four: We post these back to you using 100% recycled boxes and if you choose to have your piece framed use FSC approved mounts and frames. Our standard frames are oak but for a more bespoke look we can discuss different wood types and finishes for your frame 

The whole process from you sending you blooms to receiving your artwork takes approximately 4 weeks. 




We accept commissions of all sizes, from a single A4 piece to commercial scale projects for restaurants and hotels.

We love chatting to our clients about seasonal blooms and colour palettes and can give pressed recommendations based on this. 

Please do contact us here with any bespoke requests


Pressed flower walls are breathtakingly beautiful and create such a perfect backdrop for photoshoots, weddings and events. We can make them to any specification and they can incorporate dried or fresh blooms too!


Please do contact us here for any pressed flower installations requests 


As with all aspects of our business we are trying to move our business to become as sustainable as possible. We love pressing because it creates a useful, beautiful artwork that would otherwise would be composted. The steps we are taking to make our pressed process more sustainable are as follows:


Step one: All pressed flowers are either from wastage from our weddings and events or sourced from local growers, hedgerows and our garden

Step two: We use cardboard and blotting paper to press our flowers. These are repurposed and reused when the flowers have pressed

Step three: All of our pressed flowers pieces are created on recycled papers. The cotton rag paper we used for many of our products is made by skilled paper makers in India using pre-consumer cotton waste from the fashion industry (manufacturing off-cuts)

Step four: We are experimenting with more environmentally friendly glues but we currently use PVA because it dries clear and doesn't affect our artwork

Step five: All our frames and mounts are FSC approved

Step six: All of our packaging and marketing materials that

come with your pressed flower piece are made using post consumer recycled paper, FSC approved papers. Meaning the trees and planted and cultivated sustainably.




It is illegal to pick any flowers grown by councils (such as in parks and on roundabouts and verges) or on private properties (unless you have had prior permission from the owner).




Picking wildflowers in Britain has caused much confusion and controversy. If you want to pick leaves and flower stems this is absolutely allowed however it is illegal to uproot (dig up) any wild plant without permission from the landowner. In addition you cannot pick any part of a flower that is in a site of conservation such as an SSSI (Sites of Special Scientific Interest). For more information and clarity one of our favourite charities Plant life gives a very clear summary please click here

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STEP ONE - Using blooms left over from our weddings and events or picking blooms from the hedgerows and garden


STEP TWO - We press your blooms using large sheets of a thick, absorbant blotting paper and repurposed and recycled newspaper and cardboard. We repeat the process until we have pressed all your flowers and created a large stack.


STEP THREE -  Place heavy weights on the blotting paper to flatten the flowers and press the moisture out.


STEP FOUR - Wait two/ three weeks until completely dry and all flowers have pressed.


STEP FIVE - Create your artworks using recycled papers and PVA glue.


STEP SIX - Frame and mount these if required using our FSC approved suppliers.


STEP SEVEN - Up to four weeks later. Send off your pieces in the post to be received shortly!


Please note we have a number of pre-pressed flowers in stock, so many bespoke designs can be made at shorter notice.