Flower and Press

5 Empson Street

Cornelius Drebble House

Studio ESS04


E3 3LT

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Our Commitment

Our Sustainability Commitment

- to minimise waste, we dry and press as many flowers as we can

- we use XX service to dispose of any flowers. Following extensive research, we believe that this is the most environmentally friendly approach to green waste disposal.

-We look to use local, lower carbon intensity flowers wherever possible. Se the research we have conducted below.

- We offer a carbon calculation and offsetting scheme with all of our jobs.

-We do not use floral foam where possible, and use biodegrabale floral foam in the exceptional circumstances where it is required sue to venue restrictions.

Our Campaign

Industry waste is XX

Florists and wholesalers put their waste into landfill

Currently very poorly services. The waste industry are not interested and there is no service available.

landfill vs biofueul v incineration

We are campaigning to achieve X

Our Research

Industry Campaign

Our Research

-carbon intensity of different sources of flowers

-impact of different disposal methods