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Flower and Press is committed to trying to run its business as sustainably as possible and with environmental protection in mind. It is our objective to perform and carry out measures to protect the environment in the following ways and we will always try to better improve and update our environmental policies to ensure they are better equipped to preserve the environment.


1) Sourcing of blooms - trying to lower our carbon footprint by using British blooms when they are in season. When we have to source blooms from further afield we will try to use fair trade, ethically sourced growers with similar environmental values and policies both environmentally, economically and socially. 

2) Regularly review our businesses environmental policies, their effectiveness and ways it could be even greener. 

3) Minimise the production of waste and offer clients the options to repurpose designs so that they can be enjoyed for longer

4) Press flowers so that a product that would otherwise be composted can be enjoyed and live on in another form for longer

4) Try to always compost waste and recycling and try to minimise our landfill waste

5) Educate anyone who works for us (as a sub contractor or employee) about our environmental policy. 



From time to time we may make changes to our environmental policy. Please check back and refer to this page frequently so you are aware of such changes


For any questions regarding our environmental policy please contact us at

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